How To Let Your Boyfriend Know That You’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a serious issue that needs to be discussed in a suitably mature way. Whether it’s bad news, good news, a surprise or planned, the proper approach is everything. Most women find it very challenging and difficult to tell their boyfriend that they are pregnant. Read this article and you’ll realize that with a little planning it can be made simpler than and not as difficult as you think.

  • Figure out how you feel about your pregnancy; whether you are excited, happy, upset, scared or angry. You need to be comfortable with your own emotions before you speak to your boyfriend.
  • See a doctor and start learning all the information you need to know about pregnancy and what steps you need to take for the health of yourself and your baby.
  • Once you have learned all the required information and have come to terms with your own feelings, call your boyfriend for a meeting in a private and comfortable place.
  • Make sure you have your boyfriend’s full attention. Look into his eyes and tell him that you’re pregnant. Help him understand what you want to do.
  • Don’t push him to make any hasty decisions, give him some time to react.
  • Then, in a calm and mature manner tell him all the information you’ve learned from the doctor and the steps you need to take to address what both of you want for the baby.
  • Be firm and direct about what you want and make him understand your intentions. Remember that it will most likely be very shocking for him.
  • Now that you’ve told him what you want, give him time, let him make his move and do your best to stay strong and prepare for his reaction.

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