How To Make A Scorpio Guy Love You?

Scorpio guys are known for their mischievous and passionate nature. Attracting Scorpio guys and trying to make a Scorpio guy love you may not be an easy task. But if you can do it, you won’t find a more passionate and exciting adventure than loving a Scorpio guy. Are you really attracted to Scorpio guys??? If you answered yes, check out the following tips and make your Scorpio guy love you.

Keep a little mystery:

Don’t hesitate to make the first move if you want to know a Scorpio guy better. Keep in mind though that Scorpio guys like a little mystery. Don’t share your whole life story on the first date. Leave him wondering so he is still curious to find out more about you. Steamy eye contact is more alluring and important than an extensive conversation.

Be honest:

Scorpios are extremely intuitive and can easily detect when you lie to them about something. It’s always best to be honest and upfront from the very start.

Bring intensity:

Scorpio guys want intensity and passion first and foremost. They are not attracted to nice girls  they can take home to meet their mom. Be a little aggressive and flirt hard, Scorpio guys can’t resist strong provocative girls.

Be ready to experiment:

You should remember that dating Scorpio guys means you are looking for adventure and excitement. Don’t back out and get cold feet at the last minute. You might just have to hang from the cliff or jump out of the plane along with him if you want a Scorpio guy to love you.

Lastly, don’t ever date a Scorpio guy if you don’t enjoy sex. Scorpio guys are known for their intense and strong sex drives. They want women who can experiment with new things and enjoy an active sex life. You have to be ready to leave behind all inhibitions.

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