How To Apologize To A Scorpio Guy?

Scorpios are generally darkly brooding and stormy. Everyone is scared of the Scorpio’s sting. They know how powerful their sting is and they attack only when they are really angry or when they don’t have any other choice. However, unlike their arachnid symbol, they have a beautiful heart and are also very emotional. If you feel you did something wrong and want to apologize to a Scorpio guy, don’t hesitate to say you’re sorry. Here are some tips on how to apologize to a Scorpio guy.

  • Apologize and explain. Be sincere and explain that you are really sorry for what happened and tell him what you’ve learned from it. Unless such incidences have happened numerous times, you should be able to touch his heart.
  • Let him know that you appreciate his feelings and didn’t intend to hurt him. Make sure you maintain your dignity and show the sincerity of your apology through your actions.
  • Consider a small peace offering. Scorpios appreciate thoughtful gifts like chocolate, delicious food, wine, flowers, anything delectable and beautiful.
  • Ensure that you make him understand how important he is to you. Scorpios are the best lovers and the truest of friends, but they can take things too seriously sometimes.

Congratulate yourself if you have been forgiven by a Scorpio man, for you have done the right thing. It may be hard and very challenging to apologize to a Scorpio guy, but if you really put in some effort and sincerely say you’re sorry, he may become your truest friend or lover. Be cautious though because some Scorpios may try to retaliate if they have been badly hurt.

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