How To Refuse A Date Politely?

You may have read many things on how to date, how to plan your date, what to wear on your date or anything else regarding a date, but not many people are aware of how to decline a date politely. Anyone who is considerate of other people’s feelings may find it very uncomfortable to decline someone for a date. Here are a few tips for you on how to refuse a date politely.

Thank the person for his/her time:

The best way to turn down a date politely is to begin with a “thank you” and continue with what you want to say. For example you can say “Thank you, I appreciate your offer but I don’t think we are reallyconnected.”

Make a personal appearance:

It’s not a good idea or very nice to turn down a date through a friend. Declining a date needs to be done in person or on the phone personally. Avoid declining a date in such a way that puts the other person on edge or that embarrasses him or her in front of other people.

Try to be honest without giving specific details:

Try telling the truth but at the same time try to remain somewhat vague in your reasons for moving on. Express your regret if you do not want to go, but don’t say something you don’t mean, like “Maybe next time”.

Be politely neutral or show some empathy:

Showing some empathy is okay without showing too much, you don’t want to appear heartbroken. Moreover, be clear, gracious and consistent in your refusal.

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