How To End A Relationship Peacefully

Any sensible person wants to put an end to a bitter relationship rather than being dumped by their boyfriend or girlfriend. The hard truth is that, even if you want to end your relationship, it’s not easy to tell someone that you are no longer interested in him or her.

When it comes to breaking up a relationship, many of us associate it with hatred, sadness and rivalry. We fail to realize that if the relationship is not really working, we can end it peacefully and let it pass as a learning experience. You may like to check out the following steps if you want to end your relationship peacefully.

  • Accept that your relationship is not working and make a firm and clear decision to break up.
  • Once you decide to end your relationship, don’t delay it; immediately plan how, where and when you can take action.
  • Ensure that you discuss the matter personally, never send a third party to convey the message that you want to end the relationship with your partner.
  • Now that you’ve decided what you want to do, find the right private place and call your boyfriend or girlfriend to meet you.
  • Schedule an appropriate time. Carefully approach the matter, but make sure that you don’t bring it up during a heated argument.
  • Don’t be brutal. Be tactful and let your boyfriend or girlfriend understand the reason why you want to break up.
  • Remind him or her that you’ll always remember the positive qualities of your partner and the good times you had in your relationship. Explain that you want to end the relationship and are ready to move on with your life.

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