How To Convince Your Man To Propose To You

If you have been together with your boyfriend for a pretty long time and are tired of waiting for him to propose to you, then this article is for you. Just follow these steps to make your man propose to you sooner than later.

Make up your mind:

Think long and hard before you decide to move to the next level. Consider all the qualities and background of your boyfriend before deciding that you really want to marry him. Remember, it’s easier to break up with a boyfriend than it is to divorce a husband.

Figure out if he wants to marry you or not:

Talk about the future and try to get a feel for if he genuinely loves only you and wants to marry you or if he may stray to someone else. Quite often apparent deep revelations can happen during drunken conversations when his guard is down but remember that his judgment may be impaired as well. It’s always better to have a proper conversation when sober so the truth is not clouded by alcohol.

Figure out his timeline:

See where he is heading in his life, whether he’s still working or taking courses to achieve a better life. Talk to him and find out what his goals are and what his plans are after he’s reached those goals. He may be intending to propose to you after he achieves his goals or after he is promoted to a higher position.

Give a hint about your timeline:

Be honest and give some practical reasons why you would like to get engaged. Don’t pressure him and give him some time to think about it.

Enlist help:

You can also drop some hints to his mutual friends or his parents, if they are ready. They may help light a fire under him so he proposes to you.


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