How to Find True Love After 40 – For Women

Whether you are a single woman, divorced or widowed and over 40-50 years old, you can still find true love. Put your best foot forward and face it. To attract a man and find true love after 40, you need to make the most of your senior marketability.

There are many older men who feel insecure and threatened with a younger woman. Also, a big age gap difference makes them very difficult to share common interests or conversations with. Therefore, many men prefer to choose an older woman close to their age when it comes to finding true love. Many times, it’s true that many men prefer the sexuality, wisdom and intelligence of an older woman. Check out the following three steps to trick a man to pursue an older woman passionately.


When it comes to meeting a woman, men are chicken when it comes to making the first move. They try to avoid a woman who seems to be needy, indifferent and appears aloof. Men are interested in those women who are confident, approachable and friendly. Always remember that a smile is the best tool to flirt with guys and get their attention.


Never compare yourself to others if you want to show others that you are a confident woman. Comparing yourself to another woman will never bring confidence into your life, instead it will chip away at your self-esteem. Don’t forget that there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman for men.


It may sound stupid, but men really enjoy looking at a woman in a strand of pearls, in a skirt, a chic haircut and little revealing dress. But don’t go overboard, over-revealing may take away your chance of getting into a serious relationship. So whatever you wear, wear it with a style that enhances your looks.

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