How to Find The Right Guy to Marry

Most of the women would love to be courted by different guys. But when it comes to finding the right guy to marry, you might have a problem. Here, you have to make a choice out hundreds of men. So here are a few steps you would like to follow to find the right guy.

Strong attraction:

There should be a strong attraction. Strong attraction doesn’t mean only physical attraction. Yes, it is always the main component, but you need to consider the emotional level as well. It’s all about a question of whether both of you can understand each other emotionally.

Become friends first:

To find the right man for yourself, always consider to be friends first and check out his behavior first. Unplanned pregnancies and other relationship disasters can be diminished by not getting into the first sight of passion.

Go for an exclusive date:

Dating exclusively is very important to know each other’s priorities and values. Both of you have to agree that he will be dating only you and vice-versa.

The right guy will never force you for physical intimacy:

He may put off the idea of sexual intimacy until you get married. But, this depends on how both of you share your chemistry and depends on your value systems. However, the right guy will never force any gestures of intimacy and sex once you say NO. The right guy for you will respect your values and beliefs in this area.

Get to know his friends and family:

You can learn more about him from his friends and family. Also, introduce him to your family and close friends. See how they react towards him and get feedback from them.

He remembers important dates:

He will remember your birthday, special occasions, anniversary and he will constantly try to give his time and make you feel special in different ways.

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