10 Things Girls Hate

Well, so you have known her very well for quite some time, and you’re sure that both of you really like each other. Then you expect that she may be waiting for you to propose to her. But, guys be careful; many girls expect their guys to propose to them in a proper way. Just because she likes you, it doesn’t mean that you can propose her in your own way and she’ll say “YES” to you.

  1. When a guy doesn’t show his love from his heart, then surely she’ll hate the guy.
  2. Girls hate it when you are proposing to a girl, but you are looking somewhere else and not paying attention to her.
  3. When you’ve done something wrong and don’t bother to tell her that you’re sorry, then she’ll ignore you.
  4. Girls hate when a guy doesn’t propose to her with a rose, or if he proposes to her with a rose but is not confident.
  5. Girls are very happy when a guy proposes in front of everybody. Girls hate those guys who don’t have the guts to propose to a girl in front of others.
  6. Girls dislike it when a guy proposes to a girl with a long love letter. Girls think that you’re not manly when you propose through a letter.
  7. Girls will neglect a guy if he doesn’t concentrate when they are  saying something.
  8. When a girl asks the meaning of love and a guy cannot explain or answer the question, she’ll hate him forever. Remember guys, girls don’t like stupid and foolish behavior.
  9. Girls love nothing more than getting love and care from guys, and if guys don’t understand that, she’ll hate them forever.
  10. She’ll hate you if you become close to her attractive friend.

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