How To Date Your Colleague?

Romance in the workplace, or mixing business with romance, may be dangerous. But, according to the latest surveys, romance in the workplace is increasing rapidly. Romance can easily bloom when you have similar interests, leisure periods, and work together for long hours at your workplace. However, you should not forget to weigh all the factors before you actually start dating.

There should be genuine and strong attraction:

She/he may be showing some signal by sending flirty emails to you, trying to sit near your cubicle, trying to share coffee breaks with you, and/or trying to talk to you during any office breaks or outings, etc. But you have to watch out before you start dating him/her.

Ensure that you don’t go against company policy:

Many good companies are against co-workers dating and office romance. So if you are planning to date your colleague, first you should check to see if there is any rule against co-workers dating.

Keep it discreet:

Many people may be jealous of you and ready to speak bad about you, so if you are dating your colleague, keep it secret. Especially, if your relationship becomes sour, it’ll become very embarrassing and unpleasant for both of you to work in your office.

Avoid dating your subordinate:

You should be especially cautious if the person you’re interested in is someone whose future career advancement or promotion depends on you and who reports to you directly. Others may accuse you of showing favoritism to him/her, or you may be accused of sexual harassment later, if the relationship doesn’t work out.

These are some things you should consider are before starting an office romance.

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