12 Signs That You’re Falling In Love

Well, so you met a beautiful girl or handsome guy, and you have known each other for quite some time. But, you never express what you really felt for him/her. Do you ever wonder sometimes, whether you’re in love or not? Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to know for sure, whether you’re falling in love. Here are twelve simple signs to know for sure that you’re falling in love.

  • You continuously read his/her IMS even if it’s about silly things
  • You walk very slowly when you are walking with him/her, and try to spend more time with this person
  • You feel shy and uncomfortable when you are with him/her.
  • Your heart will beat faster while you are thinking about him/her, or when you hear his/her name.
  • When you listen to his/her voice, for no reason you’ll smile.
  • You can’t see other people while you are looking at your significant other. You also realize that his/her image crops up constantly whenever you walk in the crowd.
  • You start listening to romantic or slow songs.

Their picture or image will keep coming to your mind.

  • Just by their smell itself you get a high
  • Whenever you’re thinking about him/her, you realize that you’re smiling to yourself
  • You are ready to do anything for this person.
  • When reading this, you realize that one person was there on your mind until the end of this article.

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