Signs He’s Cheating – In a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are really tough to maintain. One of the major problems involved in this type of relationship is to know if your partner is cheating or not. This problem is also seen in geographically close relationships. This article gives some of the signs he’s cheating in a long distance relationship.

Inconsistency and unavailability

  •  Your partner is not calling you as before, breaks patterns of communication, and suddenly becomes busy all the time, it may mean he is cheating. However, the solution is to make your partner know that he is not giving you the same attention as before, and not considering your feeling like he normally does.

Your partner pays you more attention than normal:

  • When a person who cheats feels guilty about cheating, he tries to show more attention with complements, gifts or sex. This is a trick played by him, not to make you feel happy or good about yourself.

Your partner pays you less attention than before:

This also can be a sign that your partner is cheating. If she/he seems flustered, preoccupied or busy, it usually means they have someone or something else on their mind.

Your partner starts provoking arguments/fights:

  •  If your partner suddenly picks up a fight for small reasons, or starts arguing like never before, that means he is likely cheating.

Your partner becomes abusive:

Your partner speaks to you harshly, starts putting you down and degrades you, this can be one of the signs that he is cheating.

Always trust your partner. If you have any doubt that he is cheating due to the above signs, approach the situation respectfully, calmly and maturely. To maintain a healthy relationship when you are distant, there is a need for good communication and respect for each other. So talk to your partner.

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