Cheating Boyfriend Test

Do you want to know if your boyfriend is cheating? This article gives a questionnaire which helps you test your potentially cheating boyfriend. Answer yes or no for the following questions on a cheating boyfriend test.

Cheating boyfriend test

Taking the test

  • Your boyfriend starts working late more often.
  • His affection and attention towards you is not the same.
  • His friends start avoiding you.
  • You have seen him with another women but he says she is just a friend.
  • He gives you more attention suddenly than ever before and gives you more gifts for no reason. His lovemaking style changes without any communication between you to try different things.
  • Your boyfriend suddenly changes his style and appearance, or he improves his looks.
  • You notice that he is much happier.
  • He smells different when he returns home. It may be perfume or any other odd smell from new places he is frequenting with someone else.
  • You notice he spends more money but does not get you something or buy something for himself.
  • He tells you he is going out, but doesn’t take you and gives excuses to avoid you when you ask him to go along.
  • Your friends or his have told you that your boyfriend is cheating.

Your boyfriend is not faithful?

  • If you are not sure if your boyfriend is faithful, you can approach him with your concerns. Talk to him and tell him clearly why you are thinking he is being unfaithful. Listen carefully to what he says about it. Some people who cheat will over react, become very defensive and tell you that you are being paranoid. Other men would tell you not to worry about it because they only love you.
  • If you are still not satisfied, keep your eyes and ears open because people who cheat often make mistakes in leaving clues.
  • You can talk to his friends or try to follow him.
  • If you still don’t trust him, it may be better to end the relationship. A relationship does not hold strong without trust.

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