How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

A relationship holds strong on the basis of trust, and trust is usually given before it is earned. Some people choose to cheat on their partner. Most of the cheating and lying goes unnoticed because a cheating spouse is very good at hiding their double life. This article gives some information about how to catch a cheating spouse.

How to catch a cheating spouse

Following are some tips to catch a cheating spouse:

  • Track their phone calls. Keep a record of calls from numbers you don’t recognize and log the dates and time of the calls to gain a sense of pattern in their activities.
  • Make a surprise visit to his/her work place or come home at unusual times.
  • Check your spouse’s match books, phone numbers, ATM withdrawals, credit card statements, notes, receipts, address books, etc. Most cheating spouses store their lover’s phone number under other names such as co-worker or a friend.
  • Never reveal your doubt about him/her until you confirm it through full evidence. Cheating spouses may create a story to fit the evidence and try to cheat you more.
  • Overall, if you think your spouse is cheating, do not confront him or her until you have enough evidence.

To catch your partner red-handed you may use the following resources:

  • To track your spouse’s whereabouts you can put a GPS tracking device in his or her car. By doing this, you can find out where your spouse is going exactly and for how long.
  • Use a digital voice recorder to record conversations. You can place a very small voice recorder in the glove compartment, allowing you to listen to the conversations of your spouse in the car and as well over their cell phone.
  • To track on line activity of your spouse, you can use key loggers. It helps you to know whom your spouse is messaging instantly and what she or he is writing in e-mails.
  • You can use sex detection kits to know if your spouse had sex with someone else.

In many cases, the above options helped to discover the cheating spouse.

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