Top Five Speed Dating Tips

You may be thinking that you cannot have a great time in speed dating, because you think that within five minutes you can’t learn everything about someone. Some may be hesitant to go speed dating because they feel uncomfortable to express themselves in a short period of time. But if you go with the right perspective and a positive attitude, you can have a great time. You just need to keep the following speed dating tips to make the most of it.

Focus on your appearance:

First impression is what you need to focus in speed dating. Women should wear something very attractive and fun which they would wear on some great evening out, but something not too seductive. Guys should wear something very smart, don’t show up in just an ordinary tee-shirt and jeans.

Relax and smile:

Your open smile and relaxed attitude will make your date more comfortable and expressive. Avoid tapping your feet and fingers constantly, it’s a sign of nervousness and boredom.

Watch your body language:

Crossing your arms and slouching is again a sign of defensiveness or boredom. Leaning forward slightly will also give the impression that you are interested in him. So, try to relax yourself and keep your hands free.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol:

I’m sure you don’t want to give a bad impression on the first date. Drinking too much alcohol will take away your attention and dull your wits as well. Remember, you need to know your date within five minutes, so don’t ruin your chances.

Keep the Conversation Flowing:

To avoid awkward silences, prepare some topic ahead before you meet your date. If not, talk something in general. Talk something which can lead to discussion. Don’t just ask questions to which the answer will end up only Yes or No.

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