How Soon Should You Have Sex When Dating

How will you know when is the right time to become sexually intimate in your relationship? There may be no hard rules for indulging in sex while dating; however, there are a few signals you can watch for to find out when is the right time. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself or even your partner.

How well do you know each other:

Yes, sex is essential in a deeper relationship, but be careful as it can also spoil your chance of getting into a meaningful and serious relationship if you combine sex with dating too soon. It’s always better to take time and know each other first properly before you jump into bed.

Check the comfort level:

You have been dating him/her for quite some time, but if you are not sure about your relationship or not sure where your relationship is heading, then it’s not a good idea to jump into bed. Put off the sexual intimacy and wait. Remember sex can’t make things right, when your relationship goes wrong.

Why you need sex?

There are two reasons why a man or a woman wants sex. Some may be looking for sex to express love and affection, while others may be looking for pleasure. Some people may be looking to sex as a means of controlling their partner. Beware of those who are looking for sex for bad intentions. You can’t build a good and lasting relationship on it.

Are you both ready?

Moving on to sex when both of you don’t have the same emotional feelings would be a great mistake. One should not feel guilty or pressured to have sex just because his/her partner wants to do it. Better to walk away from him/her, if your partner insists on sex when you really don’t like it.

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