Flirting Tips For Men

Are you looking for tips to flirt with women? This article gives some of the important tips to flirt.

Flirting tips for men

Following are some of the important flirting tips for men which include:

Be the center of attention

If you want to get noticed, stand in the center of the room or stand up and move around a bit. If you are in a nightclub or bar, try to stand at the corners of the bar.

Color of your dress

Women get attracted to men who wear the color blue. Guys who wear blue frequently are faithful, constant, stable and always there.

Body language

  • You should appear more dominant which effectively draws a woman’s attraction.
  • Stand close to her with your feet 6-10 inches apart and point your toes outward.
  • Try to wear more conservative clothing or hairstyles, hold your head up, and monitor the speed of your speech and gestures while talking to her.
  • Do not fold your arms and do not chew on gum or your finger nails.

Have an attractive smile

Body language and psychology experts say that one of the most important things you can do to attract a women is to smile. A natural smile works best, do not force yourself to have a large, cheesy grin or she may mistake you for someone who is challenged.

Tempting with scent

Some women are attracted to the cologne or scented deodorant you put on; however try not to overdo it by bathing in the stuff.

Wear a nice watch

Women sometimes are attracted to watches. Try to wear a nice looking or unusual watch.

Wear a soft shirt or sweater

Women like to touch guys if they are attracted to them. Wear a shirt or sweater, such as silk or a texture of fabric that makes women want to touch.

Sometimes looks don’t matter

Looks don’t always matter when it comes to women. What matters most is your behavior with them. Changing your hairstyle, growing a beard and wearing new clothes may suit some guys but not all. If it doesn’t suit no need to worry, try other ways to attract women with your behavior.

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