How to Know if your Friend likes your Crush

You may have lots of trust in your friends and believe that your best friend will never betray you, but you never know…. especially when it comes to guys or relationships. It’s always good to know about your friends and be a little more alert. If you feel that your friend likes your crush, here are a few tips to find out:

Observe him/her:

Observe your friend’s body language and see whether they act comfortable or not when your crush is around. Remember most people are very good at acting, so you need to observe carefully. See whether they act normally, as other friends do, or whether they leave with the slightest excuse.

Talk about your crush:

Observe their reaction whenever you talk about your crush. If they know of your crush’s achievements or interests and if they seem to be very enthusiastic when talking about such things, it is most likely a bad sign. Or, if they act as if they are not interested or won’t speak with you about it, you need to take a closer look as well.

Talk about a dance party:

You can also talk about a dance party, real or imaginary, and ask casually with whom they would like to dance with. Make sure you bring up such a topic at the right time so your friend won’t become suspicious.  If they say they don’t like anyone, it may mean they like your crush and don’t want to hurt your feelings.

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