How To Handle A Jealous Girlfriend

Jealousy is something that goes along with any relationship. It can be one of the most painful emotions and can destroy your relationship when it goes overboard. However, you should also understand that jealousy is all about love and the fear of losing one’s lover. This article will give you a few tips on how to handle a jealous girlfriend.

  • Compliment her every day on any good things about her. It sounds cliché but it really works. It’s a simple way to show that you never stop loving her.
  • Treat her with more love and care and show your care and love in front of her friends. Girls really get mad when their boyfriends don’t treat them well in front of her other girl friends.
  • Never compare her to her other girlfriends or your ex. Love her and appreciate her for who she is.
  • She may fight for some silly reasons, but remind yourself that it’s just because she loves you. A little more assurance is all that she needs.
  • When the two of you chill out with your friends, be more confident and feel comfortable to be with her. Show that you’re happy to be with her, no matter what….
  • Girls love to know how much you like them, so be more expressive. If you frequently show your love and care, she’ll likely not keep nagging you for silly reasons.
  • If she’s jealous about another friend, let her know why she is better for you so she’ll stop feeling insecure.
  • Don’t stop loving her, just show your love and care for her every day. Remember, if she doesn’t really love you, she would not be jealous.


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