Tips to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend

First of all, let’s accept that jealousy is part and parcel of every relationship. In fact, some jealousy is important for a healthy relationship. However, there are some cases when the level of jealousy is extreme and spoils the relationship. If you find your boyfriend gets jealous whenever you talk to someone, especially to someone of the opposite sex, then here are a few tips to deal with your boyfriend’s jealousy:

  • Stay away from compromising situations that may disturb him. Show respect for his feelings and concerns by avoiding excessive conversations with other men in front of him. Show your love and care for him every day.
  • Talk to your boyfriend and understand the reason why he’s jealous. If he’s had bad experiences in relationships or is insecure, you need to consider his feelings, reassure him of your commitment to him, and be mindful of your actions.
  • Trust is very important in a relationship, so ask him whether he trusts you or not. If he feels that he can’t trust you when other guys are around, then you need to show your love and respect him in front of others.
  • Introduce him to your male co-workers and male friends. He may feel more secure when he knows who your friends and colleagues are.
  • Make it clear to your boyfriend that you are in control of your life. Let him know that trying to control someone else’s life is no way to build a good relationship. Moreover, don’t ask his permission to go out or to do things if you don’t want him to control you completely. Asking his permission to hang out with friends or to go somewhere gives him the opportunity to control you.

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