How to Dump Your Boyfriend without Hurting Him

Being dumped by your boyfriend is painful, but being the one who breaks up the relationship is horrible as well. Well, it may not hurt too much if your boyfriend cheated on you or is a  jerk. However, if he is someone who is very caring, loving, and sweet and you two are just not getting along any longer, telling him you want to break up can be terribly difficult.

It may not be a painless breakup, unless both of you want to end the relationship; however, you can still break up with your boyfriend and let him down gently. Here are a few tips on how to break up with your boyfriend without hurting him.

Choose an insignificant date:

Choose a day carefully to dump your boyfriend. Ensure that you don’t add insult to the pain by breaking his heart on Valentine’s Day, his birthday, or any other date that is significant to him.

Keep your distance before you break up:

It’s good to maintain some distance for at least one week before you dump him. Don’t visit your boyfriend, message, or call him during this time. Even if he calls you, tell him you are busy. This will help you to consider whether you really want to end your relationship with him. This is also a good way of giving a signal that something is wrong and he’ll prepare himself emotionally.

Find a comfortable place for both of you:

Find a place that is not crowded and where you both feel comfortable. You don’t want him to be humiliated in front of everyone and feel embarrassed, right? It is also good to go to a neutral place that doesn’t have a sentimental value to either of you.  You don’t want to break up with him at the restaurant where you two had your first date. Also, to be on the safe side, choose a place where you can leave easily and quickly, just in case things become heated or if he starts making a big scene.

Get right to your point:

Be honest and simply tell him why you have decided to end the relationship, but be very careful with your choice of words. Instead of blaming him, you can put the blame on yourself.  For example, you can just say, “I am not happy in this relationship.” You don’t have to tell him, “You don’t understand me or make me happy.”

Wish him the best:

Wish him better luck in the future in finding someone who truly loves him as he deserves to be loved. Don’t ever say something that gives him a wrong impression or false hope.  If you do, he will never let you leave the relationship peacefully.

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