Top Five Things Women Look for in Men

Every woman pictures a perfect man as her life partner. Although not all women look for the same exact qualities, there are certain qualities that almost every woman would like her man to have. Knowing what women want in men could possibly help you attract a woman or help your current relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you are over 60 years old or in your 20s, here are five things that most women look for in men.


When it comes to choosing a guy to marry, women want a guy they can trust, and trust him so much that they don’t have to even worry if their partner comes home late or goes out at night. Women want to know that their partner will always be there, whenever they need him.


Remember that most women hate those men who do not take care of themselves and are not hygienic. This includes wearing clean clothes, keeping clean nails, and wearing clean shoes. All these things are simple and may seem insignificant, but many men ignore them and are careless about these things.


Ambition doesn’t only mean success, but it also tells you that a man is very concerned about securing about his future. Moreover, a man is more attractive and confident when he has a goal that motivates him.


Intelligence is one of the main characteristics both men and women desire in a partner. Most women want their partner to be intelligent enough to teach them new things and understand them. You may be very handsome, but when it comes to choosing a mate, don’t forget that for a lot of women, intelligence comes first. A man who is knowledgeable, intelligent, and willing to learn more may be more appealing to women than a handsome simpleton.


Every woman wants a man who is honest about his feelings and actions and doesn’t lie to her.  Even if the truth may hurt, in the long run, a woman will appreciate it when her man treats her with respect and is honest with her.

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