Overcoming Love Shyness

A lot of people are too shy to speak to members of the opposite sex. The main reason may be a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. Another reason could be that many people don’t think they are desirable or attractive. However, in order to get to know someone or to ask someone out on a date, you have to be able to communicate.  Communication is a very important part of any relationship, especially a love relationship. This article shares information on how to overcome love shyness.

Overcoming Love Shyness

Following are some of the tips to overcome love shyness:

  • Ask interesting questions. This makes people talk about themselves. You can ask questions about hobbies, movies, or anything that interests the other person.
  • You shouldn’t only speak, but you should also be a good listener. Take a break while you speak and give the other person a chance to speak.
  • Always keep smiling. A smile is magnetic and will cause the other person to smile as well. It also conveys approachability and friendliness.
  • You should compliment your love interest. Say what you like about him/her.  A simple compliment like, “You look nice today” can make someone feel special.
  • Hold your head up and maintain good eye contact with your love interest; it shows how confident you are. Maintain good body posture. Body language reflects what a person is thinking and feeling. Some people overcome shyness by taking speech or communication classes to build their confidence.

Causes of Love Shyness

  • Both environment and genetics causes love shyness. Social environment, inborn temperament, and upbringing work together to create love shyness.
  • It starts with shyness and results in poor self-esteem and serious ego deflation during childhood.
  • Many mental and physical disabilities can induce love shyness, including Asperger’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, or even being the shortest kid on the playground.
  • When exposed to serious hardship or abuse, a typical child will show resilience and still grow up to be outgoing, but a shy child will withdraw into herself/himself even more.

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