Tips for Piquing the Interest of an Ex-Boyfriend

Are you struggling to get your ex boyfriend back? Your heart may desire to have his love back in your life; however, the reality is that you need to work to get him back. This article gives you some important tips for piquing the interest of your ex boyfriend.

Piquing the Interest of an Ex-boyfriend

Following are some important tips for piquing the interest of your ex-boyfriend:

Drop your desperation:

  • If you want to show your ex-boyfriend that you want him, desperation will drive him away.   Most men are turned off by desperate women because men want to be the ones pursuing the woman and not the other way around.
  • Maintain a healthy distance. This will make him think about you because absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • While maintaining a healthy distance, don‘t drop completely out of his life.
  • If he calls on the phone, talk for only a little while. Tell him that you are busy and ask if you can call him back later. Following these tips not only shows him you have your own life but may actually cause him to chase you.

Use non-verbal ways to show your affection:

  • If you want your boyfriend to know that you want him, you need to show it. Start off by dropping any hostility you may feel and give him a pleasant smile.
  • Look into his eyes briefly and look away. It makes him wonder what you are thinking and also piques his interest in you.
  • Body language says a lot about what a person is thinking and feeling. Let your body language show that you are interested.
  • Always try to sit with your body leaning towards him. If you are sitting across from him, face your body towards him to show that you are interested in what he is saying.
  • Don’t show impatience; it may take some time for him to welcome you back into his life.

Hopefully the above tips may help you to gain back your lost love.

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