Top Five Reasons Why Women Reject a Guy

Many guys seem very confused as to why women keep rejecting their advances. Rejection can be quite hurtful and depressing. If you keep facing rejection after rejection from different women, you may need to take a look at the way you’re approaching women. Here are a few reasons why women reject a guy and you can determine whether you are making some of the same mistakes in your approach.

Wrong pickup lines:

Cheesy pickup lines may not work for every woman. If you start your conversation with some horrible pickup line, remember that you may miss the chance to make a good first impression.. Start your conversation with something very interesting and not just a lame pickup line.

Choosing the wrong woman:

If you choose a woman that is totally wrong for you, you are simply adding pain into your life. You need to observe her and find out more about her before you approach her. The first thing to observe is if she is wearing a wedding ring. If she is wearing a wedding ring, there is no point of approaching her right?

Approaching her at the wrong time:

A woman may reject a guy if she is having a bad day. Maybe she’s just having a bad day or she just had a fight with her friends or had a bad day at work and is not ready to talk to anyone, least of all you. In this case, there’s nothing you can do; it’s just your bad luck to approach her at the wrong time.

Your appearance is very important:

Appearance means a lot for a woman. Appearance doesn’t pertain only to your face. If you are dressed shabbily, with wrinkled, mismatched, or dirty clothes, she’ll definitely reject you. Make sure you dress up properly and look your best when you’re going to meet a woman.

Nothing in common:

A woman is not going to go out with you a second time if you have nothing in common with her. You are only wasting her time and your time as well. Women will also reject a guy if he is boring and dry. Women want a guy who is interesting and can make them laugh.

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