Top Five Signs that your Girlfriend may Dump You

Guys, believe it or not, women do give signals that they are going to dump you soon. So, get to know what are the common signs that your girlfriend may dump you soon. This will not only help you to deal the breakup blues, but it can also help you to save your relationship.

  • She doesn’t show interest in making plans with you:

    She may come along with you when you have planned anything, but she no longer shows excitement, fun or interest. Also, she will stop making any future plans with you.

  • She no longer feels comfortable with physical contact:

    If she no longer holds your hands in public or feels uncomfortable when you hold her hands in public, then, she is likely looking for a new boyfriend. Or, if she doesn’t like cuddling or kissing with you anymore, it’s also a sign that she is not into you anymore.

  • She tries to avoid you in every way:

    She will start ignoring your phone calls. She’ll start giving some excuse when you call her for a date or to just hang out.

  • Spends more time with her friends:

    Instead of spending time with you, she’ll spend more time hanging out with her friends.

  • She may not argue with you, like she used to:

    She will stop arguing with you no matter what the issue may be.

  • She starts fighting for every little thing:

    In this way she is finding the chance to break up the relationship. Things that seemed very cute and loving before, may become very annoying for her.

So, if you find any of these signs in your girlfriend’s attitude, you need to sort out the problems as soon as possible. Talk to her properly and find out the reasons, but don’t personally attack her.

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