How to Dump your Live-in Boyfriend

Ending a relationship with someone with whom you have been stayed together for quite sometime may be more painful than breaking up with just your dating boyfriend. To do it, you need to plan properly and approach it very seriously. You should also consider your boyfriend’s feelings first.

However, if you really want to end your relationship with him, you don’t need to show your emotions at this time. Be decisive about it. Here are some good ideas to put into consideration.

Follow your heart:

The best way to break up with your live-in boyfriend is to follow your heart. Be clear why you want to end the relationship with him. Spend sometime alone and weigh the negatives versus positives. Yes, no one wants to be alone and probably that’s the reason you are living with your boyfriend. But, if it’s not really working out, why should you continue your relationship with him? Just follow your heart and move on.

Tell your boyfriend you need to talk:

This will immediately give the red signal to him that something is up. Choose the right time and place where there is less crowd, or a place where people are not close enough to hear your conversation or argument. Avoid places where you can spend hours and hours like HOME.

Be honest and go straight to the point:

This is not the time to give mixed feelings or to make false excuses. Be honest and tell the reason why you need to break up the relationship with him. Make it brief otherwise it could make the situation worse.

Finally, tell him whether you are planning to leaver the house, or give him a deadline to vacate the house. But before leaving, you make sure that you have made the necessary arrangements. During this time, make sure that you stick to your decision and don’t be vulnerable. Remember that there is someone better for your ex and for you right round the corner.

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