Top Three Signs To See If You Can Trust Your Partner

No guy or girl likes to be cheated, but sadly it is very common in many relationships. Once you start dating someone, I am sure you try to find out whether you can trust him/her to get into deeper relationship. So here are the top three signs to figure out whether you can trust him/her.

She/he introduces you to his/her friends and family:

Remember that if he/she is just planning to use you for the time being, he/she’ll never waste his/her time introducing you to his/her/ family or close friends. Also, see how close they are with their family and friends and find out more about them.

She/he has open communication:

If they share their plan for the future or their schedule, this may be a good sign. If they are not looking you for a serious relationship, then they wouldn’t bother to return your calls, texts or emails and wouldn’t share anything with you.

She/he will not lie to you:

If you catch him/her lying for silly things very often, it’s most likely a sign that he/she is not taking you seriously. If he/she can lie for small, silly things, it wouldn’t be tough for them to lie about big things as well. So trust your instincts when you catch him/her lying frequently.

Thus, if you find any of these warning signs in your partner, then you need to watch your boyfriend/girlfriend a little closer and find out what he/she is all about. But, this doesn’t mean snooping. You just have to find out more about him/her through his/her friends.

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