Does He Love Me or is it Lust?

Are you wondering if your boyfriend truly loves you or is actually just in lust? Do not worry. This article will give you the necessary insight to answer the question, “Does he love me or is it lust?”

Does He Love Me or is it Lust?

Following are some of the hints and suggestions that can help you determine if your boyfriend loves you or is just in lust:

·         Your relationship

First you need to analyze your relationship. Decide who the most important person in your relationship is. Are you both equally important? Is one person more important that the other?

Do you always have to call him or does he call you too? You should pay attention to your conversations with him. Are the conversations ever about you or are they only about his problems? Observe how he is treating you. Does he respect you? Notice if he is discouraging you from doing the things that you want to do.

·         Is he supportive?

Try to determine if your boyfriend is supportive. He should help you willingly when you are in need. If a guy is interested only in sex, then he will not help or comfort you when you are upset. You need a person who really loves you and cares for you no matter what. He should always be there for you when you are in trouble and support you in your endeavors even when you are discouraged.

·         Commitment

The best and most obvious sign is commitment. If your boyfriend really loves you, he will be readily willing to commit. The alternative is a man who does not like commitment because he gets bored being with the same woman and needs to have a new one every day.

Employ these tips to decide if your boyfriend really loves you.

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