Does My Boyfriend Love Me Yet

Are you wondering whether your boyfriend really loves you? This question really puts a strain on your peace of mind, but you need to find out the truth if you feel your boyfriend has changed. This article gives you some suggestions and hints to answer to the question, “Does my boyfriend love me yet?”

Does My Boyfriend Love Me Yet

Following are some of the suggestions and hints to decide if your boyfriend really loves you or not:


  • It is a bad sign if you started talking less than normal and quarreling more frequently.
  • Has there been a change in his behavior? Has he started losing his temper even over a small matter?
  • When communication becomes difficult and makes you unhappy, it can give rise to misunderstandings.
  • Communication is the basis for any relation and is needed to maintain one.

Acting Secretly

  • Notice if he is talking on the phone secretly and not letting you hear the conversation. When you ask him who called, he may reply that it was for business call or just friends so that you will not probe further.
  • It is a bad sign if he started dressing better and spending late nights out with friends, while leaving you with excuses as to why you cannot accompany him.
  • This could potentially happen because he wants freedom or has even begun seeing someone else on the side.

No intimacy

  • Is he not hugging or kissing you anymore? Though you cannot expect this intimacy when you first start dating, that doesn’t mean that he should not hug or kiss you anymore. Realize if he is losing interest in you.
  • If you notice this sign, do not panic. Sometimes you may feel like slapping him or shouting at him, but this is not the right time to confront him.
  • Instead, be calm and give him alone time to think about your relationship.

Think before you enter into a relationship, because it is an important life journey.

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