Infatuation or Love?

Many people get confused about the difference between infatuation and love. Be careful, you might be just infatuated with the person you are dating and not actually in love. This article gives will help you to differentiate between the two emotions.

Infatuation or Love?

Following are some tips to help you understand their difference:


  • First try to understand why you were initially attracted to the other person. Is it her submissiveness or his macho (assertive manliness) personality?
  • Think about these and you will very soon realize what you are really craving in life.
  • Remember that a great figure doesn’t necessarily translate to love. The glamour will soon wear off and you will be left in want of love.
  • Love should not depend on physical beauty. Looks matter, but in the case of love they should not be the main criteria.
  • Happiness resulting from comfort and trust should be the root of love.


  • Think through your experiences with the person who you think you are in love with.
  • If you are suspicious about the commitment in your relationship, then you may be just infatuated towards that person.
  • Love will give you a secure feeling. You should actually feel like someone loves and cares about you.

Want to marry?

Marriage is the best indicator of your relationship status. If you have a desire to marry the person to make your relationship last forever, then you are clearly not just infatuated with them.

Growing in a Relationship

Love makes your relationship stronger and makes you grow in many ways. It makes you feel confident and comfortable to think about the other person. Alternatively, infatuation limits your feelings for this person.

Think before you get into a relationship because it is one of life’s significant journeys.

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