How to Restore Trust After a Broken Relationship

When someone you love destroys your trust, it can take time to restore and rebuild that broken relationship. But, if you really want to rebuild the relationship, you can always rebuild and restore trust even after it has been broken. However, you must realize that it can only be done with great effort and persistence. Here are a few tips to restore trust after a broken relationship.

Forgive and forget:

Initially, it may be difficult to forget and move forward. However, if you really want to restore your broken relationship, “forgive and forget” is the only approach that you can take to restore trust. Accept the apology of your partner, because forgiveness is essential to restore trust and move successfully forward..


Honesty can create intimacy and trust. As such, it is always better to be honest and share with your partner, even if it is a personal matter. Remember that your partner will only share with you if he or she trusts you.

Spend quality time with your partner:

Try to spend as much time as possible with each other while attempting to restore trust after a broken relationship.

Value each other’s secrets:

Never ignore an important or serious issue that your partner shares with you. Listen and try to understand and respect his or her honesty.

Enjoy together:

No matter what, try to forget about the past and have fun together. Plan an interesting outing to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

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