Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man

The Taurus woman is steamy and sensual, while the Scorpio man is sexually demanding and torrid. The Scorpio man and Taurus woman combination is a very transformative relationship, which can be one of total hate or total love.

Taurus Lovers

Taurus is a lusty, earthy, and sensual type with a healthy sexual appetite. They are very faithful and loyal lovers who do not fool around outside of their relationship and expect the same faithfulness in return.

They seek security and stability and they will make a sincere commitment to their love life. They are home loving as spouses, try to make kind parents, and are not too demanding on their children or spouses.

Creative and artistic, they are creators and great admirers of beauty. They have a diverse interest in crafts (sculpture, jewelry, and pottery) and gardening.

Taureans love to eat and live well. They are in their element when they plan candlelight dinners, accompanied by sensual foods and good wine.

Taurus erogenous zones are the throat and neck. Therefore some steady caressing plus light kissing or nibbling along the neck and throat should place Taurus lovers at their partner’s mercy.

Scorpio Lovers

Scorpio lovers are intense and sexually unsatisfied, with a desire for sexual exploration that may often outstrip their partners. They are loyal and their passion may sometimes become overwhelming.

They are jealous and often they become suspicious about their partner. Scorpions have very high standards. They can look calm on the outside, when in fact they are raging within. They love to live life in their own way.

Degree of romance

Courtship and romance are unnecessary steps to the fulfillment of this relationship, at least from the Scorpion’s perspective. These men generally are do not have romantic inclinations or able to handle situations with finesse.

This relationship is all about bonding, intimacy, sharing resources and exploring the unknown. It will be momentous but not romantic.

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