Gemini Woman and Cancer Man

The profound differences between Gemini and Cancer may balance their relationship. Gemini is a fast thinker, whereas Cancer tends towards moodiness and sensitivity. Gemini can tolerate the mood swings and repressed emotions of Cancer and they find their partner supportive. The initial attraction between them is not constant as Gemini is rarely capable of maintaining a relationship for a long time.

Gemini Lovers

Geminis desire independence and freedom in their relationships. They can handle many things simultaneously. Fast thinkers and talkers, they have an air about them, which makes them more attractive. They always keep things active. They never look aged, and act young.

Flirtatious, they have the ability to charm the person whom they desire. Sex is fun. Life with a Gemini partner can be wildly active as they very often have two different personalities – one moment they may love their partner and then next they hate them.

Erotic movies, sex discussions, and passionate pillow talk attract the Gemini woman, while sexual routine and silence in the bedroom turns them off. Hands, shoulders and arms are the sensitive areas of Gemini. Gentle brushing and touching of these areas can heat up the Gemini.

They always look for variety both outside and within the bedroom to spice up their life.

Cancer Lovers

They are fun-loving and their humor is knowledgeable and sophisticated in many ways.

The Cancer man is a romantic, sensitive, gentle, and soft lover. When they get hurt because of love, they may take time to trust other people. However, if Cancereans feel confident, they can expose a sexual resourcefulness, which is surprising and exciting.

They are imaginative and loyal lovers who like cuddling (to lie close) after making love. They also like romantic dinner dates, and love communicating through emails, phone, letter and cards.

They can be possessive, moody, and are often sensitive. They are jealous if their partner shows attention to an attractive person of the opposite sex.

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