Five Things Your Boyfriend Won’t Tell You

So, you think that your boyfriend shares everything with you? Check out this article to learn the secrets your boyfriend may never tell.

We like being your “boyfriend”

Women often think that men love being single and enjoy flirting with many girls, and it may not be so far from the truth. Men will always be men. Guys just enjoy being in love and don’t want to get too serious too soon.

We don’t want to be restricted in a relationship

Guys love to taste freedom in a relationship. They expect their girlfriends to give them enough space. When they feel that their girlfriends are being too possessive, chances are they may leave them soon. So allow them to follow their own interests. Don’t try to keep your boyfriend under your control.

We don’t want our friends to love you, but to simply like you

Guys want to introduce and show off being with pretty girlfriends in front of their friends. But they don’t want their girlfriends to get attracted to their male friends. Guys find it very difficult to handle a hot girlfriend in front of their male friends.

We want you to get along with our friends but not love them

No matter how their friends respond to your friendship, the friendship shouldn’t be a hindrance to your relationship. Guys don’t want their girlfriends to become overly close with their male friends. It leaves them insecure. They want their girlfriends to remain firm and genuine towards them.

We always worry that you may dump us

Guys are more straightforward than girls. Once they like you, they don’t think of ditching you. In fact, they spend more time worrying that you might dump them. So they want their girlfriends to relax and have fun with them.

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