Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man

The relationship between a Pisces woman and Aquarius man will often take an unconventional form. They both operate on a creative and thoughtful level. Therefore, they understand each other very well.

Pisces Lovers

The Piscean is dreamy, spiritual, easygoing, absolutely charming, and gentle. They are extremely perceptive, sensitive, and imaginative lovers who form a spiritual bond with their partners. They are attractive to most people whom they meet but compatible with only a few.

They are psychic and sensitive towards their lover’s needs and desires. They are artists and because of their acute sensitivity, they tend to pull away from the world to save themselves.

Pisceans inspire others with their devotion and can often be on the stage, in religion, or in politics.

Pisces erotic zones are the feet. In order to relax and arouse sexual desire in Pisceans, gently massage the arch and toes of the feet.

Aquarius Lovers

They approach the love game slowly, deliberately, and methodically. They like to have surprises in their life. They cannot be fulfilled or happy unless they feel free to do what they like.

Aquarians never try to sacrifice their autonomy. They are always honest in their pursuit of romance. They are trusting and faithful to their partners.

Aquarians believe that their thoughts and way is the best. Therefore, it is not a surprise if they are attracted to a person who may observe these qualities.

Their ability to impress large crowds for a good purpose and their social interaction skills are two good qualities of Aquarians. They are innovative charmers, but in an unconventional way.

They explore unlimited horizons and are open minded. A loving partner who provides understanding and warmth can fulfill the Aquarian’s life. If they also have the ability to share, then their relationship can go very far.

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