How to Deal With a Clingy Boyfriend

If your boyfriend gets angry when you speak with other guys or go out with your friends or if he calls you 24 times a day and always fishes for words of affirmation, then you may have a clingy boyfriend. If that’s the case then you may also have a tough time with your boyfriend. Here are a few tips for you to deal with a clingy boyfriend.

Make a Decision

Think before taking action. Ask yourself whether your relationship with him is really worth all your effort. Understand that a clingy boyfriend is high maintenance and always will be. If you really need him then continue to the next level.


Talk to him and make him understand what you find difficult. Help him understand how his behavior affects your relationship, and give him a chance to change it.

Give Him a lot of Attention and Love

Compliment him and make him understand how much you love him and how much he means to you. Understand that a clingy person is generally an insecure person who needs to feel love and attention. Be sensitive toward your clingy boyfriend. He might have had a bad experience before; you never know.

Encourage Him to Hang Out with Friends

Introduce him to your friends and colleagues. This will make him more secure when you go out with your friends without him. Encourage him to chill out with his friends without you.

Limit Phone Conversations

Instead of waiting for his call, try calling him and limiting the time spent on the phone. You don’t have to keep talking just because he calls you every minute. Spending all of your time talking with him will encourage his clingy behavior.

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and your clingy boyfriend remains the same or becomes abusive or angry, then you better take a call for your future. If you feel that you can never satisfy his needs, you may want to end your relationship. Remember, it’s better to break up the relationship now rather than divorce after marriage.

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