Five Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Whether you ditched your partner or you just got dumped, breaking up is a painful experience. There may be no quick fix to remove your pain, but if you remember these few key rules for getting over a breakup, things may not be that painful.

Realize That It’s Over

No matter how hard it may be, you should accept that it’s over. Keep reminding yourself that breaking up is a part of most relationships, no matter how hard you try.

Cry Out Your Heart

Allow yourself to cry out your heart for a couple of days. Let yourself be sad and sob as much as you can. Tear up some cards and love notes, or write in a journal and let your sadness out. Sometimes you feel better when you just cry out your heart so that the next day you can move forward.

Leave Your Ex Alone

You may like to text or call your ex, but resist all these urges and try to occupy your mind with some more important things. If you don’t want to keep hurting yourself, allow yourself to move forward and leave behind the pain. You may want to become friends with your ex, but right after you break up is not the right time.

Keep Yourself Busy

Locking yourself alone in your room will never help you to get over breakup blues. So keep yourself busy and engage yourself with work, hobbies, the gym or your family and friends. These will help you to forget your ex and feel good about yourself.

Make a Change

Make use of your breakup and give yourself a makeover. Make a fun change by getting into a new hobby or taking a new course. This will boost your confidence and make you feel happy.

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  1. I’ve been dumped more than most people and it never gets easier. There are methods to get your ex back but you have to be dedicated.

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