How to Become Best Friends with Your Crush

When you have a crush on a guy/girl you barely know, before you try getting into a relationship, first try being your crush’s friend. You should get to know your crush better and put forward your feelings slowly. So here are a few tips to become your crush’s friend.

Don’t Be Shy

There is nothing wrong with taking the first move and saying “hi” to someone you barely know. But don’t be too flirtatious at the beginning. Here your aim is to get to know your crush and become his/her friend for now. If you don’t have the courage to start a conversation, look for any opportunity that will give you the chance to talk to your crush.

Find Out Your Crush’s Interests

Once you are introduced to each other, try to find out some of your crush’s interests so that you have something to talk about when the opportunity arises. Or ask your crush about his/her interests and hobbies to find out whether you would like to take the relationship to the next level.

Gain Your Crush’s Trust

Over time, try to gain the trust of your crush. Share some of your secrets, but don’t tell your entire life story. Casually invite out your crush just as you would your friends.

Be Yourself

Never try to do things out of your way just to impress your crush. Just be yourself and get to know his/her nature as well.

Take an Interest in Your Crush’s Life

Try buying some cute gifts for your crush, or give an occasional surprise visit. But avoid sharing too personal of information, such as your exes.

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