How To Become Best Friends With A Guy

If you properly observe your girl friends, you’ll realize that the best pal a girl could have is a guy. But surprisingly, not many girls know how to become best friends with a guy. Check out the following steps and you’ll realize that it’s not that hard to become best friends with a guy.

Find Out His Interests

Find out his interests, dislikes and hobbies so that you’ll have more topics to talk about. Guys find it more attractive when girls know many things about their interests. Even if you don’t know much about the topic, show that you have an interest in his interests or hobbies. This will tell him that you are interested and curious to learn new things. You can also grab some men’s magazines to learn more about guys’ interests.

Dress Cute Around Him

Getting along with guys doesn’t mean that you have to dress carelessly to be “one of the boys.” Wear some comfortable clothes and dress smartly. If you are looking for just a friend right now, avoid wearing sexy and revealing clothes. A cute T-shirt and jeans may be the best way to dress to get along with guys.

Talk Like a Guy

Never compare yourself with other girls. Don’t be so conscious about your looks or cut yourself down in front of him. He’ll have the image of his girlfriend asking “do I look good in this?” Also, if you become too catty about other girls around him, he’ll get the same picture of a girlfriend being jealous. So if you want to become the best buddy of guys, you should think and talk like a guy. Find out and express any physical attributes that you like about other women.

Nurture Him

Most guys prefer girls when it comes to their best friends because women are considered more soft and understanding. Some guys find it very difficult and embarrassing to share their emotions with male buddies. Guys do have emotions and they need a female’s perspective in certain cases.

Keep His Secrets

If he shares some of his secrets or something really juicy, keep it to yourself. Gaining trust from a guy may be the greatest trick to become best friends with him. Allow him to be himself around you.

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