Three Tips on Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister

Trying to date your best friend’s sister may be one of the hardest things you can ever attempt. You cannot take it as light as dating other girls. After all, she’s your best friend’s sister. In certain cases, it can be a question of friendship versus dating. Here, your aim is not only to impress your friend’s sister but to convince your friend as well.

Try dating your best friend’s sister only when you are serious or really looking for a girlfriend. Don’t ever attempt, if you are only interested for fun or for a good time for the time being. Also, don’t try playing around with her behind your friend’s back. But, if you are really serious about dating your best friend’s sister, check out the following three important guidelines for you to make it more easy and successful.

Talk to your friend:

Be honest and talk to your friend, once you have decided to date his sister. Be courteous and ask him if he has any problem with it. Never give crude comments about his sister, for example, “how hot you find his sister is”. Remember she is not just another girl and you should understand that many guys are very protective about their sisters.

Be decent in your approach:

If you get the green signal from your best friend, you should plan how to approach your friend’s sister now. You need to be more of a gentleman and less aloof. You still have to impress your best friend’s sister first. Showing up with candy and flowers at her doorstep right after your best friend gives you the green light may look too desperate.

Make her your only one girlfriend:

There is no room for you to flirt around or date with other girls if you are dating your friend’s sister. Remember, you are not dating just another girl. You should never forget that you are dating your best friend’s sister and your friend is watching you all the time. This doesn’t mean that you should spend every minute with her, you still need to keep your work, hobbies and your friends as your priorities. But, be a “One-woman man”.

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