How to End an Affair With a Married Woman

Affairs can be very tempting especially when you find someone who seems to be perfect for you at that time. So, you try to justify yourself and jump into the relationship. However, as you move on, some or the other issues are bound to disturb you and you realize that you just can’t go on like that. Especially, if you are having a relationship with a married woman.

Ending an affair with a married woman may not be easy and it is different from any other normal breakup. However, it’s always better to stop having an affair which will never lead you to a healthy relationship. Here are a few tips to end an affair with a married woman.

Avoid blaming each other:

Avoid embarrassing situations by blaming each other. Both of you share the same responsibilities of getting into the relationship in the first place. So, don’t abjure responsibility by passing judgment as your excuse to leave.

Talk to her personally:

Choose a place where you can meet her and tell the reason clearly why you need to end the relationship. When you do this, aim to be quick, respectful and courteous. Conduct the breakup face to face rather than sending through emails, phone messages or notes. This will prevent any danger or embarrassment later.

Do not be a marital counselor:

Don’t leave her with some assuring words to aid or fix her marriage life. Remember that it’s not your business until and unless you want to run into further problems.

Cut off your life completely from her:

It will be hard to end an affair with her if you keep contacting each other. So, once you decide to end your relationship, you should make it very clear that you cannot be available for her in the future, no matter what. Cut off any future contact from any social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook or Linkedln.

Lastly, remind yourself that, by having an affair with a married woman you are refraining from true connection with someone who truly loves you. Realize that you will have a better life without her.

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