How to Stop Dating a Married Man

Dating a married man may be one of the hardest things that any woman has ever tried in her life. Whether you have just started dating or have been having an affair for quite some time, ending an affair with a married guy is not easy. Many psychologists believe that such women may have experienced emotional trauma in their childhood. They need to address their underlying emotional abandonment that brought them into the relationship in the first place.

The best way to stop dating a married man is to listen to your heart and communicate about your feelings. Ask yourself what you think about your relationship with him and what is your future. Here are a few tips on how to stop dating a married woman.

Find a good therapist:

Find a good therapist to end an affair with a married man. But, you should always remember that you need a therapist to discuss about your feelings and thoughts and not about his.

Treat it as a drug:

Feel that your attraction towards the married man is like a drug and you need to treat it properly. Once you get addicted to any drug, it’s very hard to quit. So, you should be aware that you should stop it before you get addicted to it.

Start attending Al-anon meetings:

Start attending any appropriate group therapy as much as possible. Talking with others and listening to others, who share the same background or similar stories will help you to realize about yourself, and help you to stop getting into an affair with a married man.

List out the points that attract you:

Write down about your feelings towards him. Find out the points that attracted you to him. Also, write down the negative sides about him and think what you really feel about him.

Spend time with yourself:

Stop thinking of going for a date for time being. Make yourself busy. Start taking up a new hobby or pamper yourself by going to a spa and get a good body massage. Resist the urge to message him or call him. Instead call your friends and chill out.

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