Why do Guys Lie to Their Girlfriends

Why do guys lie to their girlfriends most of the time? Do they lie for a reason or are they simply good at lying? Well, sometimes a white lie may save you from quarrels. But, that doesn’t mean you have to lie every time in a relationship. Honesty is essential to build a strong and healthy relationship. Perhaps, the following few points could make you more clear on why guys lie to their girlfriends.

Afraid of nagging:

The main thing that most guys are afraid of in women is nagging. Sometimes, guys do lie to avoid nagging by their girlfriends. Because, they know that once their girlfriends know the truth, they will start nagging again.

Lying is their habit:

Guys seem to take things more lightly. Or, perhaps your boyfriend has been habituated to lying and does not consider it as a big problem any more. You may never know… your boyfriend has been lying from the first day you met him, just to impress you but you never realized it.

Lying about their capabilities:

Men have an egoistic character, so they are very cautious about others rejecting them. Guys love to show how capable and knowledgeable they are in everything.

Not to make you angry:

Sometimes guys simply lie just to please their girlfriends. Do you think you get angry easily when your boyfriend says “you look fat in this dress” or ” hey! That girl is pretty”, then your guy might be lying most of the time just to make you happy or not to make you angry.

Lying about his affair:

The worst lie is when your boyfriend is having another girlfriend or dating another girl. He’s afraid that you may find out his affair and so he may be lying to you.

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