Facts about Men that Women Should Know

Do you find it difficult to understand and read your boyfriend’s mind? Are you confused by his behavior? Then check out the following facts about men and get along better with guys.

  • Guys flirt with good-looking girls but they prefer presentable girls.
  • A guy can love you and then forget you the next minute.
  • When a guy says, “I don’t understand you,” it means your thinking doesn’t match his.
  • Even though guys flirt around the whole day, they always remember the girl whom they truly love before they go to sleep.
  • Guys can’t resist a girl’s smile.
  • Guys can do crazy things just to impress a girl or get a girl’s attention.
  • Guys hate when their girlfriends talk about their ex-boyfriends.
  • Guys do cry.
  • Guys usually don’t accept defeat.
  • There is no turning back for a guy once you touch his heart.
  • A guy will go mad when a girl touches his hands.
  • Guys may flatter girls a lot, but they’ll get nervous and stammer a lotwhen they like a girl.
  • Guys love their moms.
  • Guys can gossip and scatter the news faster than girls.
  • Girls are guys’ greatest weaknesses.
  • Guys enjoy looking at girls in miniskirts, but they want girls with brains when it comes to a serious relationship.
  • Guys can’t keep a secret.

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