How Do You Keep Your Boyfriend?

So finally! You are with the one whom you’ve been waiting to be with for the past three years. Now that you have him with you, you don’t want to lose him for any reason. Here are a few tips on how to keep your boyfriend and make him your only boyfriend.

Be confident

There’s no need to talk bad about other girls, but don’t feel inferior to others, either. Be yourself and be confident in yourself. Remember, he loves you because he finds you attractive in some way. Don’t let him slip away by trying to be someone else.

Don’t demand

Guys get irritated when their girlfriends demand they do something or tell them what to do and what not to do. Ask or tell him politely if you want something.

Don’t try to change who they are

Get to know the person properly before you get into the relationship. Don’t expect him to change after you get into the relationship, because it may never work. Don’t ever try to change who he is. Instead, appreciate him for who he is. Don’t push your boyfriend to do something he doesn’t like.

Give him some freedom

Don’t expect your boyfriend to be with you all the time or to hang out only with you. Guys love freedom. Sometimes, guys need to hang out with their friends without you. Give him some space to do something or to chill out with friends.

Avoid nagging

Don’t nag him for every little thing. Sometimes you need to think and speak like a man. If there is something you really need to know or talk about, talk to him in a straightforward manner and get the answer right away, instead of nagging and irritating him.

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