Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo seem to have a sexual fascination with each other.  Scorpio’s possessiveness and jealousy makes it difficult for the Lion to cope with as he considers Scorpio to be both difficult and temperamental, whereas Scorpio thinks Leo has too much Lion Pride and to be a pretentious show-off.

Leo’s innate charisma and ability to lead makes him or her center of stage just where the big cat likes to be.   Totally optimistic and warm the Leo is also powerful, dignified and naturally fearless the will-power and drive to succeed that sees him completing all projects with great panache.

However, on the more negative side, the Leo may tend towards being somewhat despotic or domineering at times even thought their ultimate goal is to ensure the good of all those in their circle.   Leos are idealistic, creative and have a ceaseless lust for life.  Leadership is often given to the Leo as they get the job done on time.

The Leo in Love

Leo’s are faithful lovers however they can be a little staid.  They would rather not try something that they didn’t think of themselves, but an intelligent lover can slowly introduce new ways of expressing love.  If the Leo thinks they are fun, he will climb aboard.

Occasionally Leos may make bad relationships but they have great difficulty admitting their mistakes because of their ego and the ever optimistic Leo see’s no problem as insurmountable.

Leo overall proves to be a wonderfully warm, generous, true and very loyal partner.

The Scorpio in Love

Scorpios have mysterious life style. They not only have an irresistible personal magnetism which makes the opposite sex totally fascinated by them but they are also deeply emotional, personal and private.  They tend to be quick at selecting a partner but react vigorously if their partner interferes in their personal domain.

On the negative side, Scorpios like to dominate their personal relationships and will tend to look for a partner who is weaker than themselves.  Once they find the right person however, they will remain happy in life.

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