10Things to Bring a Smile to Your Guy’s Face

So you want to know how to make your guy smile? To find the answer, check out the following ten points.

Introduce him as your “boyfriend” to your friends

When you introduce him to your friends, mention that he is your boyfriend. This will make him happy and he will take pride in being your boyfriend.

Give him a warm hug

It’s just a hug, but believe it or not, a warm hug from his girlfriend makes a guy’s day better. Nothing feels better for a guy than when his girlfriend snuggles next to him. So, give a warm hug to your guy anytime you meet him.

Set some time aside for your guy

No matter how busy you are, set aside some time for your guy. Guys love to be with their girlfriends if they really love them. Yes, you do have your life with your friends, family and your work, but try to meet him at least once a week.

Fight playfully sometimes but not seriously

Guys love to fight playfully with girls sometimes. Joke back and forth sometimes, and tease him. Fighting can involve flicking him lightly, squeezing his hands and stepping on his foot playfully.

Kiss him

Kiss your guy whenever you meet him. If your guy puts his face anywhere near yours, he may be expecting at least one peck from your lips. Give him a sweet kiss anytime you can.

Stand near him

It may sound a little clingy, but guys expect their girlfriends to stand next to them. This doesn’t mean that you have to follow him all the time. There may be sometimes when he needs to talk to his friends without you. You should know when you need to stand with him and when to leave him alone.

Tell him your problems

Guys want to help their girlfriends. They will be more than happy if you share your problems with them. Guys take the pride in helping their girlfriends because they feel that you trust them when you share your problems with them.

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