How to Spend Quality Time with Your Girlfriend

You may be one of the lucky people who have found a girlfriend that wants to spend her time with you but your worry that you are uncertain how to entertain her especially when money is an issue for you.   Don’t worry any more, there are various interesting ways to be with your girlfriend that can create quality memories but are also inexpensive as well.

Find out her interest:

Make sure that work out what her interests are in the beginning.  Ask her what she enjoys doing and where she loves to hang out.

Be honest:

If you have money problems, don’t give some other stupid excuse and say you can’t go out. It is always better to tell her the truth.  She should be dating you for “what” and “who” you are and not for your money.   If you are honest to start with, then she will proceed in the relationship with understanding and ensure that future plans are not overly expensive.

Look out for any local events:

There are so many events happening every month like outdoor concerts, talks or music gigs that are free.  Check out your local papers, shop advert boxes and chat with locals.  This way, you can have plenty of planned social events and have fun together with your girlfriend.

Find a local animal society or homeless shelter where you both can volunteer:

This will give you time to do things together and enjoy the experience of working together. This will not only increase your love life but you will also be helping your community and others.

Go to the park:

There are plenty of beautiful parks around your city that are either free or wouldn’t cost you a lot.   It’s fun and entirely healthy to go back to your childhood days and enjoy the outdoors sometimes. Take a walk in the park holding her hand, your girlfriend will definitely enjoy it.  Or just lie down in the grass together or surprise her with a romantic picnic.

Just hang out:

Take your girlfriend and go to a football, baseball, hockey or any other sports event together, or simply window shop and walk around the mall sometimes.

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