Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

The passengers in a train reach their destination safely only if the train runs properly on its track. Similarly, in life, a couple can reach their destination by leading a happy life only if they can understand each other thoroughly.

Cancer Man

Cancer man is a lucky person and he will do anything for his loved ones.  He loves to live a family oriented life and family to him is the equivalent of heaven.  He tends to love his mother above most others but he generally lacks consistency and stability.

The Cancerian man can be very moody.  He will be angry one minute then suddenly change to a sad. On other occasions he can suddenly show much love.  In conclusion, this moodiness can lead him to behave carelessly towards his partner with each mood swing, however if his partner shows a little concern and affection towards him when he is in such situations he can quickly return to a more stable mental space.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is unique amongst women.   She always takes pride in herself and expects to be respected by others.  She has high standards for herself and she never compromises in any matter.

The Aquarian woman is always honest and very caring towards her loved ones but she can be rather sensitive and easily hurt.  She depends on her intuition a lot and she also has a very helpful nature.

Relationship between Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

This may not be the perfect match, and clashes may occur due to the Cancer man’s mood swings and instability.  Aquarius woman believes in god a lot.  He tries to love his woman in every way but the Aquarius woman can be very particular and will only be happy with his love if it is on her terms.

These two are so different; they are like two different branches from two different trees which never quite seem to meet. Their life will be unhappy if neither can compromise or adjust to the other.  So, it is only when they learn to bend themselves toward each other they can finally reach the goal of a happy married life and family.

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